About Us

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you Merair Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd - a company that is specialized in travel services. We cater to the requirements of a wide spectrum of leisureand corporate travelers.


Nurturing a trusting relationship with integrity transparency and respect to build an innovating team with customers, vendors and colleagues


To build an organization, growing consistently, out performing industry, bench mark, inspiring people to do the extra ordination, innovating to creative valueand partnering with customers.

Corporate Services:

Emphasis is laid on corporate clientele.
Trained & Experienced staff liaison with our clients.
Overlooked & Supervised by a Travel Manager.
Itineraries & Travel Planned keeping in mind clients requisites. This enabled through regular contact & Meetings with the client.
24 Hours service available for urgent travel requirements.
For corporate tie-ups please call our Manager and he would be glad to help you.

Why Us?

At Merair Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd, you will find a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure complete satisfaction of our clients. Our team of tour planners and designers, expert tour organizers together with our friendly staff members, strive to give the guests an authentic and rich holiday experience.
We offer a complete travel management, in other words everything from planning to execution of tours; you will always receive our professional and personal attention. We will always put in our best efforts to find you the most economical travel solution. All of us at Merair will always be there to help you out in complex travel situations to find you the best solutions.

Travel industry training and communication

Lack of training and information is a deterrent to building a brand and sales in any market. This is where we come in and play a key role. Regular one-on-one trainings, promos, quiz programs and online training modules help us build better relationships, impart up to date information and increase the confidence levels of frontline staff who are key in promoting our principles products and services.

Travel and Tourism Database access

We possess an extensive database of travel and tourism industry professional contacts, across India and the sub continent. This valuable resource allows regular email marketing on behalf of our clients to a selected group of influential and productive suppliers. The database is constantly updated and is as comprehensive as possible, and is sourced through our extensive network of industry wide contacts.

Enquiry Management

We have a team of travel industry professionals trained in enquiry handling and management. This helps convert the enquiries generated by our advertising and marketing efforts into profitable business for our clients.

Travel and Tourism Operations

We have a wealth of operational experience ranging from major cruise lines to tour operators and accommodation. We provide support with day to day operational issues which can help in managing your business more efficiently and effectively

Road shows

Road shows play an important aspect of travel and tourism industry marketing. Right from finalizing venues and hotel accommodation and travel to invite management, procuring giveaways and distribution material, we take care of all aspects of road shows .

Creative Work

We .have a dedicated, high quality creative agency for all ad's, flyers and promotions. The creative teams clear focus is to build the brand of our principles by being different from the routine and highlighting specific features and offers from the principle. All creative work is sent for approval to our principles prior to release – this leads to constant interaction between our Marketing Teams and eventually makes us experts in highlighting and communicating the uniqueness of our principles brand.

Familiarization Tours

We can organise familiarisation tours for the travel and tourism industry in India. Our extensive networking and understanding of the industry allows us to help in selecting the right participants, thereby ensuring greater impact for your FAM dollar .